Managing Domain Settings

On the Domain Setting page, you view the list of email domains that generate outgoing emails from Autotask PSA, and configure DKIM authentication settings for those domains. To open the page, use the path(s) in the Security and navigation section above.

The Domain Settings list is created by Autotask PSA, by querying the email addresses from the sources listed below, and consolidating them by their domains. You are not able to create new domains on this page. You can only create SPF records for the domains you are using, and authenticate the domains.

Number of domains

Your database will contain two system domains, and They are already authenticated, and cannot be disabled.

You can authenticate up to 5 additional valid domains.

Domain Settings list columns

The Domain Settings page contains a list of all domains Autotask PSA has found in your database. The list contains the following columns:

Column Name Description


The top, secondary and any subsequent levels of the domain, essentially everything after the @ character in the email address.


Contains a check mark for the system domains that are always authenticated, plus up to 5 additional domains that you have authenticated.

Support Email Address

Identifies the domain that is used for the Support Email Address.


Contains a check mark for the system domains.

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